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Jazz Band

Mr. Thomas, Director

Day/Time TBD

The Jazz Band is an extracurricular ensemble meant to introduce students to the basics of Jazz music.  Students will learn jazz styles, improvisation skills, and much more on traditional jazz instruments - saxophone, trombone, trumpet, bass (electric or double bass), drum set, piano, guitar, etc.  Jazz Band is open for all students at Jobe even if they are not in a Concert Band class as long as they can demonstrate basic ability on the instrument they are wanting to play in the Jazz Band.  Meeting days/times for the jazz band are TBD for now. If there is a conflict with sports or tutoring or something, please let Mr. Thomas know, and he will work with the coaches/teachers to come up with a solution that allows you to participate in both.  Jazz Band members are expected to be at all rehearsals unless prior communication is made with Mr. Thomas about an excused absence from rehearsal(s).  

Band Performing
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