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Class schedule

Morning Sectionals
7:40am – 8:30am
1st Period
8:30am – 9:15am
Donna Shepard Beginning Class
2nd Period
9:18am – 10:03am
Donna Shepard Beginning Class
3rd Period
10:06am – 10:51am
Donna Shepard Beginning Class
4th Period
10:55am – 12:29pm
12:33pm - 12:59pm
5th Period
1:03pm – 1:48pm
Honors Band – McConnell
6th Period
1:52pm – 2:37pm
Symphonic Band – Thomas/Tschoerner
7th Period
2:41pm – 3:26pm
Beginning Band - McConnell/Thomas/Tschoerner
8th Period
3:30pm – 4:15pm
Team Planning
Afternoon Sectionals
4:20pm – 5:10pm
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